Dray (dragonborn)

Dray-dragonborn.jpgCreated many centuries ago by the sorcerer-king of Giustenal to serve as a race of sorcerous warriors, dragonborn—or dray, as they call themselves—are a strong, resilient race of dragonlike humanoids. Most dray were cast out of their home by their creator, Dregoth, and a handful of dragonborn survived when Giustenal was destroyed. From those ancient refugees arose a race of mercenaries, sorcerers, and slave traders known for their calculating (and sometimes duplicitous) ways.

Use all the dragonborn traits as described in the PHB® with the following exceptions:

  • Size. Dray are tall and lean, standing between 6 and 7 feet tall and averaging around 200 pounds, they also have a long tail. Your size is Medium.
  • Draconic Ancestry. You don’t have this trait.
  • Breath Weapon. You don’t have this trait.
  • Damage Resistance. You have resistance to fire damage.
  • Bite Attack. As a bonus action you can make a bite attack, adding only your Strength modifier to the roll—no proficiency bonus. Your bite does 1d4 of piercing damage.
  • Languages. You can speak Common. You cannot read these language unless a background gives you that trait.


Dray (dragonborn)

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